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It takes years to develop the skills and abilities of an experienced master horseman. The good new is there are specific habits that you can implement starting right now, no matter what level you are. 

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The health of your horse’s back is vital to his performance. Achieving healthy back movement requires a holistic solution that takes into account every aspect of your horse’s experience.

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Dissolving Brace

Smoke & Mirrors & Horse Welfare

I'm A Weirdo.

Horse School Has Different Classes

Stop Breaking Horses

Nothing Is Something

Be Your Horse's Superhero.

Is Your Horse A Happy Athlete?

Foamy Mouth - Good or Bad?

Partnership & Leadership

Helping A Horse With Shivers

How To Motivate Your Horse

Happy Horse Interview Series

How Do You Know Your Horse Is Happy?

The Decision

Love It Or Change It.

Why Are You Doing Those Dressage Exercises?

3 Steps For Improving Anything

Don't Do Natural Horsemanship

Focus vs Intention

How To Choose Your Teacher.

About Nosebands...

3 Guidelines For Improving How Your Horse Moves.

Stop Trying To Get Your Horse On The (Bleeping) Bit

Horse Stressed In New Places?

A Technique To Use When You Feel Fear With Your Horse

Read This Before Buying Your Next Horse

3 Reasons To Give Your Horse A Break

How To Bend Your Horse Correctly

My Most Embarrassing Mistake With Horses.

Yes, And...

How To Train Low Energy Horses

Musings On Getting Help

Assess Your Horse

An Assumption Of Obligingness

My Most Viral Video - The Backstory

Riding Dressage Tests Can Be Fun

Contemplation Is A Drag (and that's a good thing)

5 Keys for Enjoying Learning Dressage

How To Love Your Life In The Horse Business

Fancy Horse. Expensive Trainer. Why So Unhappy?

A Business Built For Horses

Big Picture

Accepting Praise

Blue Ribbons and Bitless!

Dangerous Patterns

Expanded By Limits

Habits For Excellent Horsemanship Part 3 of 3

Healthy Movement - Healthy Horse

Intention is the Main Aid

Keeping a Whole-Horse Perspective In Sport-Specific Training

Lessons Re-Learned: The Pitfall of Wanting to be Nice

Life Imitating Art Imitating Life

Life In The Sweet Spot

To Bit Or Not To Bit

Partnership & Progress: 2 Sides Of The Same Coin

Rehabilitating The Mind & Body Of An Equine Athlete

Self Carriage from a Dressage, Naturally Perspective

Sneaky Disempowerments & 7 Steps To Avoid Them

The 5 Truths For Learning Dressage

The Dressage Training Scale For Happy Athletes

The Hero 6: In Praise Of The Ordinary Horse.

The Sweet Spot: Walking The Talk (or in this case: Running the talk!)

Universal Truths: Playful Empowerment

What Makes A 'Good' Rider?

Freestyle Riding and Healthy Biomechanics

Horse That Does Not Go Forward and Rears Under Saddle

Stretch vs Low Head

Treeless saddles

What is the Sweet Spot?

Karen's Happy Athlete Formula

Connection with the Reins

Interesting Circles

A Fresh Look at the Industry Standard For Professional Horse Care.

Empower Your Progress

Freestyle Inside the Finesse: The Paradox of Riding in Connection with the Reins

Habits For Excellent Horsemanship Part 2 of 3

How to Ask Horsemanship Questions (In A Way That Will Give You The Best Answer)

Mother, May I?

New Year 2016: Love and Choices

Partners in the Process

Precision & Play

A Holistic View For Keeping Your Horse's Back Healthy

Habits For Excellent Horsemanship Part 1 of 3

6 Steps To Becoming An Excellent Student

"Yes" Moments ... The Power of 100% Clarity

5 Mistakes People Make Doing Dressage Tests

The Power of Expectation

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