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Happy Horse Interview Series

How do you know if your horse is happy?

I share my answer on another blog post (click here for that)  ... and I was curious how other horse professionals would answer this question. That's how the Happy Horse Interview Series got started.


Enjoy my most current interview with
Luca Moneta.

Horseman and Grand Prix Jumping Competitor at International Level
"There are 3 things you need to do: Love your horse. Love your horse MORE. Have rules."

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Happy Horse Interview Luca Moneta


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Previous Interviews:

❤️ Myself (Karen Rohlf) - You can also click HERE to see my video on this topic on my blog.
❤️ David Lichman - 5-Star Parelli Professional
❤️ Jenifer Zeligs -
Ph.D, Founder of Animal Training & Research Intl.
❤️ Linda Parelli - Co-founder of Parelli Natural Horsemanship
❤️ Antonia Henderson- Ph.D. Equine Psychologist

Upcoming Interviews:

🌟 Luis Lucio - Grand Prix dressage competitor and Trainer
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by Karen Rohlf

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