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New Year 2016: Love and Choices

A new year and a new chance to choose to be happy, to choose love, to choose to be the best you you can be... And to choose to allow others to do the same.

In thinking about what to do better or differently in 2016, I looked back on 2015 for clues.

Here's something I discovered:

My 2 biggest regrets with horses were: 

  1. Asking too much of my horse
  2. Asking too little of my horse

My 2 biggest regrets in general were:

  1. Asking too much of myself
  2. Asking too little of myself

Isn’t life cute with its paradoxes?

jedicropLove and Choices

My quest for 2016, as for most years, is to find more balance, happiness, and harmony. The way I am going to do it is to focus on 2 things: LOVE and CHOICES.

I promise to choose out of love, and then to choose to love my choice.

This means loving myself if I decide to take a break and relax (instead of telling myself all the things I ‘should be doing’)... Because I know that taking good care of myself and relaxing is the best way to gain energy to do what I want. It also means loving everything I choose to do even if I don’t like to do it (instead of complaining about it as I do it). 

Because I do have choices. 

I have choices about how to spend my time. I have choices about how to feel about the time I spend.

I hear from so many people: “I don’t have the time”. Or I hear people complaining about how they are choosing to spend their time. Don’t always choose to put your horses last and then complain that you never have the time. Either make the time, or love the reason you don’t have time for your horses, or love the little time you do have with them. 



For me it's really about taking responsibility for my experience... 100%

If I do what I love and I love what I do, I will have balance. 

If I see the power that comes from relaxing, and the peace that comes from accomplishing something, I will have balance. No matter how unpleasant the task, if I am doing it, I am choosing to do it, so I can love doing it.

I can create my world and my experience, and so can you!

What will make us happy is the act of being in love. We don't need a special circumstance for this, we just need to choose, and we need to love.

So that is my 2016 promise to myself: To be in love with everything I do.
Well, that’s my plan, anyway. ;-)

If we all do it together we can all help each other find this sweet spot of life.

I wish you the very happiest 2016 for you and your horses!!!! I hope it is full of balance, harmony, happiness, and lightness!!!


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